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Delivering professionall trained caregivers

We are poised to bridge the gap in post-hospitalisation care so as to provide continuity in the healing process, facilitating best recovery and outcome. Studies clearly show that generally, recovery is sooner in the comfort and security of the home, close to loved ones and among familiar surroundings. Our mobile healthcare services shorten the duration of hospitalization by providing continuity of treatment at home which in turn reduces the risk of hospital infections. Furthermore we ease the burden of family members and caregivers by accelerating patients’ return to normal Activities of Daily Living (ADL).

The hidden monetary benefits.

In addition to the health and healing benefits, there are several monetary benefits to mobile healthcare. Firstly clients can benefit from the RM 5,000 government tax relief for medical expenses for one’s parents, which has been extended for home care as per the 2011 budget announcement. Furthermore, since our appointment to the panel of Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), employee and retirees of TNB who qualify for home medical benefits will be able to receive our services through their TNB benefits program. Also, as a member of the SOCSO Return to Work Program rehabilitation panel, we can offer rehabilitation to qualified SOCSO members in the comfort of their home or workplace. Furthermore, the greatest savings is time cost savings from the hassle of taking time off work for appointments, travelling time and expenses to hospitals/clinics, and the convenience of having your healthcare needs taken care of in the comfort of your home or workplace.

Inculcating a new healthcare culture.

Health education, increasing awareness to achieve ‘My Health, My Responsibility’ as a culture in our patients, monitoring progress and documenting outcomes are an integral part of our service. Our patients or potential patients are those who require post hospitalisation care, be it the managing of wounds or rehabilitation for muskulo-skeletal, cardiac and respiratory problems (e.g.paralysis, parkinsonism, limb injuries, following heart procedures and lung conditions). Also included are those who are bed-bound or have limited mobility and need general care and supervision while alone at home. We also attend to the insertion and change of naso-gastric tubes and urinary catheters, administering injections and management of intravenous (IV) lines. Supported by certified healthcare personnel of our nursing and rehabilitation team, Love on Wheels’ service objective is, ‘Best Practices Best Outcomes’. Patients are attended to at a pre-arranged time and frequency. This can be on a daily basis or on alternate days or even on a certain day of the week or month, depending on the care plan i.e. ‘Customised Care Plan’


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mSIHAT is an on demand mobile application centered at home healthcare , was launched officially into the market.





In a bid to develop the talent pool of certified healthcare professional in malaysia, a healthcare program was introduced to train individuals and mold them into healthcare professionals.

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