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Patient Registration
Upon receiving a phone call or email enquiry from patient/client a preliminary assessment is carried out.
Assessment Onsite
Our customer care consultant (CCC) will make arrangements with the patient/client for a visit to the service location (home, workplace, hospital or nursing home) to assess the patient. This is to understand the needs of the patient/client and determine the clinical requirements, prior to formalising the care plan..
Commencement of Care Plan
Formalised care plan is then discussed with patient/client and once patient/client is agreeable, a suitable schedule is planned and service is commenced. The cost of the service is also informed at this point.
Payment is done prior to commencement of service. Payment can be done via online transfer, cash deposit, cheque or credit card. Terms and conditions will apply.
** Home nursing is claimable under insurance policies (e.g. Prudential Flexi Med, Zurich MedicaLife 210 / MedicaGen 200, Tokio Marine Medic Plus). Please check with your insurer for further details.

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Patient’s progress is continuously monitored and documented. If there is a referring doctor then the doctor will be kept informed.
At the end of a service package the care plan is reviewed and discussed with patient/client. Continuation of service or discharge patient is determined at this point.

Caring for you at the comfort of your home.

Love On Wheels Healthcare Services Sdn. Bhd. is a digitised mobile healthcare service provider, with its Head Office and Customer Service hub in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, managed by a team of dedicated, skilled and professionally qualified staff who are certified to practice. The team with their specialised domain knowledge from various professional backgrounds is commited to listen, understand and serve patients’ needs.

Love On Wheels as the leader in the mobile healthcare space, has bridged the gap in the provision of continuous accessible healthcare services. Apart from being focused on ‘Best Recovery’ for our patients in the comfort of their homes, we are also passionate about educating one and all towards achieving awareness and taking responsibility for one’s own health, gearing towards ‘Best Health Status’.

We complement the existing healthcare providers, be it institutions, public or private or general practitioners, in providing the avenue for continuity of the patient’s healing process (in wound management, rehabilitation or special needs) post-hospitalisation.

Our service helps to minimize disruption to the patient’s care, reduce the burden on family members and alleviate anxiety of both patient and family.

Love On Wheels is an organisation that is driven by its vision and mission dedicated to meeting and exceeding clients’ expectations.

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